Overview of PAN 2023: Authorship Verification, Multi-Author Writing Style Analysis, Profiling Cryptocurrency Influencers, and Trigger Detection


The paper gives a brief overview of three shared tasks which have been organized at the PAN 2023 lab on digital text forensics and stylometry hosted at the CLEF 2023 conference. The tasks include authorship verification across discourse types, multi-author writing style analysis, profiling cryptocurrency influencers with few-shot learning, and trigger detection. Authorship verification and multi-author analysis continue and advance from past editions of PAN and influencer profiling and trigger detection are new tasks with novel research questions and evaluation resources. All four tasks alilgn with the goals of all shared tasks at PAN: to advance the state of the art in text forensics and stylometry while ensuring objective evaluation on newly developed benchmark datasets.

Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction