Pandemics, Music, and Collective Sentiment: Evidence from the Outbreak of COVID-19

Personality Bias of Music Recommendation Algorithms

Shared Tasks on Authorship Analysis at PAN 2020

The paper gives a brief overview of the four shared tasks that are to be organized at the PAN 2020 lab on digital text forensics and stylometry, hosted at CLEF conference. The tasks include author profiling, celebrity profiling, cross-domain author …

MediaEval 2019 Emotion and Theme Recognition task: A VQ-VAE Based Approach

Recognizing Song Mood and Theme Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks

Hit Song Prediction: Leveraging Low- and High-Level Audio Features

Leveraging Multi-Method Evaluation for Multi-Stakeholder Settings

Overview of PAN 2019: Bots and Gender Profiling, Celebrity Profiling, Cross-Domain Authorship Attribution and Style Change Detection

Overview of the Style Change Detection Task at PAN 2019

Article Quality Classification on Wikipedia: Introducing Document Embeddings and Content Features